90 Day Treatment

Many addicts and alcoholics can readily make the transition from inpatient treatment to an intensive outpatient  recovery program. Others require additional help in order to establish a stable program of recovery. For them, Glenbeigh offers a comprehensive 90-day alcohol and drug treatment program that provides a dimension of addiction treatment not readily available in the Midwest.

Our 90-day program helps recovering addicts and alcoholics establish a more solid foundation in sobriety. This is particularly important for individuals with a history of relapse, those who have experienced multiple episodes of treatment and/or those with enduring issues with their professional standing, employment or home life. The 90-day extended program offers individuals the opportunities to increase their living and coping skills while being an active member of a recovering community.

Rehabilitation in this level of care helps those suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse develop and refine the social skills needed to live in harmony with others. Individuals in the 90-day program also learn how to develop meaningful interpersonal relations and fulfill the responsibilities that come with living with others in a stable, healthy recovering household. Sharing routine household activities, such as cleaning, cooking and maintaining order, help participants develop a sense of ownership for quality of life and an understanding of the need for order. Groups exercise decision-making skills while planning and organizing sober social and recreational activities, and also develop an appreciation for the interests and desires of others. Rather than seeing themselves as isolated individuals relying only on their own resources, participants in the 90-day program work with the treatment team to create a stable, healthy environment in which they broaden and enhance their recovery.

The structure of the 90-day alcohol and drug treatment program focuses on all dimensions involved in the recovery process: physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.

The overall goals of the program include:

  • Deepening the understanding of and ability to “live” the 12 Steps  
  • Applying the 12 Step principles to daily living 
  • Enhancing the recovery process initiated in primary inpatient treatment
  • Developing the social skills and attitudes that will prevent relapse
  • Supporting the transition back to home, work or school
  • Providing the opportunity to experience the richness of life in recovery

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