Community Health Needs Assessment

family counselingAs a non-profit specialty hospital, Glenbeigh is committed to not only the health of our patients but the health of families struggling with addiction and the wellbeing of the recovery community.

Every 3 years, Glenbeigh is required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), which details health priorities within a defined service area. This includes northeast Ohio and portions of western Pennsylvania. Glenbeigh’s most recent comprehensive CHNA was conducted between October and June 2016 providing Glenbeigh with a unique perspective on addiction and substance abuse. The assessment was accomplished in a timeline to comply with requirements set forth in the Affordable Care Act.

Glenbeigh is Guiding Community Benefit Initiatives

CHNA PDFThe CHNA information was analyzed to determine the top health priorities that are in line with Glenbeigh’s mission and which will further our commitment to community health. The findings will be utilized by Glenbeigh to guide community benefit initiatives and to engage partners to help address issues within our community related to substance abuse and addiction.

The following reports provide an in-depth look into Glenbeigh’s defined service area and the identified health needs.

Download Glenbeigh's 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

Download Glenbeigh's 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF)

“Currently we are experiencing a strong need for inpatient services for Heroin Addiction.”

“There is a significant increase in mental health that is present because of chemical dependency, which is the over-arching issue.”

“Freshman and sophomores are shooting heroin. When I was in school, you never heard of heroin. Now, people are snorting it or shooting it.”

“Even my own doctor has told me that he is very ignorant when it comes to alcoholism and drug addiction. We need to better educate these professionals.”

“We need a hotline. If you’re contemplating suicide, there’s a suicide hotline. There’s a rape hotline. Why isn’t there a place for those who have reached the bottom with addiction? Why isn’t there something?”

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