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For Employers

Realizing that impairment in the workplace is costly, serious and can be deadly, Glenbeigh provides a full continuum of recovery services to help restore addicted employees to health and productivity. We have more than 30 years experience with both blue collar workers and professionals.

We also have a long history of communicating with employers and helping them recognize signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug abuse in the workplace. Our recovery professionals can coordinate effective back-to-work plans that provide our patients with the opportunity to return to work as productive employees.

Call 800-234-1001 or 440-563-3400 today and let us help you help your employees.

For Physicians

As a physician, you want to obtain the best possible recovery care for your patients.

Often, you are in a position to recognize and diagnose an alcohol or drug problem earlier than any other person in one's life.  Patients tend to follow direction from their healthcare providers and talking to your patients about alcohol and drug abuse and encouraging them to seek assistance from addiction treatment professionals is essential.  

Call Glenbeigh at 800-234-1001 or 440-563-3400 today so we can help you guide your patients to the help they need.  

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The MyGlenbeigh Recovery Portal is your own personal recovery story - a way for you to personalize your recovery experience.


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