Intervention is a dynamic, positive group effort designed to help individuals recognize that the use of mood-altering chemicals has disrupted their lives and that treatment is available to help them. By honestly sharing information about their behavior with an addicted individual, family members, friends and associates can motivate that person to seek help. The offer of help is often a welcome relief to the addicted person.

An intervention specialist helps participants in the intervention to prepare, helping them identify and present ways the addicted person’s behavior has affected them, and reviewing possible outcomes of the intervention. The specialist is there to provide support and assistance to everyone involved, including the addicted person.

Intervention saves lives. It may also save marriages, families, jobs and careers. It may be the first ray of hope for alcoholics and addicts and their families, revealing the possibility of a bright and hopeful future. It can be a new beginning for you and someone you care about. If you are interested in more information about the intervention process or need a referral to an intervention specialist in your home area, please contact the Admission Department at Glenbeigh Rock Creek or any of the Outpatient Centers.

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