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entrance of GlenbeighSince 1981, Glenbeigh has helped more than 60,000 individuals and families overcome the struggle and pain of alcohol or drug addiction. We recognize that the person’s entire life is affected; including work, family and personal life. At Glenbeigh, individuals suffering from chemical dependency are not only treated; they are listened to, accepted and understood. Glenbeigh is a specialty hospital that provides medically necessary diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment services under the care of our physicians for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.  

Glenbeigh employs a highly experienced staff of physicians, nurses, certified chemical dependency counselors, psychiatrists, licensed independent social workers, and clergy. We believe in a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This includes treating the body, mind and spirit to successfully achieve lasting recovery.

Located in Northeast Ohio, Glenbeigh is a Cleveland Clinic affiliate drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialty hospital and treatment center. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and support to individuals and their families. 

Our Philosophy of Care

For individuals and families whose lives are affected by addiction to alcohol or other drugs, Glenbeigh provides help in transforming their lives. Our program follows a philosophy of care based on the belief that chemically dependent individuals can develop a lifestyle that is not oriented toward or dominated by chemical use.

We believe the chemically dependent person can:

  • Develop rewarding and meaningful relationships with others
  • Become responsible for his/her own behavior
  • Regain and foster the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding their lives and the lives of loved ones
  • Become responsible, contributing members of their communities
  • Develop a sense of worth and dignity as human beings



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