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Professionals Choosing the best course of action to help an employee, patient or client get treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction can be difficult. There are many options to choose from but the most beneficial path for your client is to find a program that fits his or her individual situation and promotes long-term recovery.

As a clinician addressing the disease of addiction you can take steps to assist your client. Glenbeigh’s qualified staff is available to guide you. Our assessment process delves into the patient’s history of use of mood altering substances in addition to looking at how alcohol and drug use has affected all areas of their lives. This will assist our staff in establishing an individualized treatment plan for your client along with your input.

Addiction treatment often includes detoxification combined with counseling in either an inpatient or outpatient treatment setting. Quick-fix programs do not give clients sufficient time to learn about the recovery process or the tools needed to cope with cravings.

Achieving long-term recovery requires effort and often includes participation in self-help groups long after treatment is over. Glenbeigh’s staff will provide referrals to support networks as close as possible to your client’s hometown. A successful treatment program also includes family involvement where loved ones can learn to heal. Glenbeigh offers family programs, free of charge, to our patients’ family so they can understand and support the recovery process and begin a recovery process for themselves.

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Medication Booklet

View a copy of Glenbeigh’s Medication Booklet, a guide for safe and unsafe medications for clients in recovery. View Publications →

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