Scholarship Fund

As our patients and their families have discovered, Glenbeigh believes that chemically dependent individuals can develop the capacity to live full and meaningful lives – without the use of mood-altering chemicals, and without the fear of disgrace or humiliation.

We believe that everyone who turns to us for help deserves compassion and should have access to our high quality, state-of-the-art treatment services. Glenbeigh works to keep costs down and treatment accessible to everyone. Regardless, the sad reality is that addictive disease can often leave one without the financial means or insurance to cover treatment.

Your generous donation to the scholarship fund allows Glenbeigh to offer assistance to patients so they may receive treatment.  

Your donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated. While you will not hear from them directly, please know that the recipients of scholarships are exceedingly grateful to receive assistance for the treatment they so desperately need.

"This fight is life or death for me.  When things were looking financially grim, a scholarship gave me the extra time I needed to learn much more about what I need to conquer this disease."   Alex J.


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