When you need the best coordinated care to restore health and productivity, turn to Glenbeigh.

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their education or career choice. At Glenbeigh, we have a long history of communicating with healthcare providers, businesses and organizations faced with an employee in need of assistance. Our admissions specialists help you recognize the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug abuse in the workplace and provide guidance on securing treatment for an employee.

We provide confidential treatment to people employed in all sectors. As part of our specialized treatment program, Glenbeigh offers concentrated programming for licensed professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers and teachers to address their specific risk factors. We also work with business professionals to minimize the impact of being away from the office for an extended period.

Glenbeigh's goal is to restore health and productivity. Our highly trained staff has experience coordinating with employers and licensing boards. We have extensive experience working with employers and their employees to collectively develop effective return-to-work plans.

We provide a full continuum of recovery services that include assessments, detoxification, inpatient hospitalization, outpatient treatment, extended care, family services, continuing care and community referrals. Glenbeigh is licensed by the State of Ohio, is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. We are an Optum Platinum Provider.

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