When a patient asks for assistance with their own substance use, or that of a family member, let us help.

Healthcare providers want to refer to specialists who maintain the highest standards. When referring your patients for treatment for substance use disorders, Glenbeigh is nationally recognized for delivering premier care.

Glenbeigh, a member of the ACMC Healthcare System, a Cleveland Clinic affiliate, is an expert at treating substance use disorders and has been providing specialized treatment since 1981. We are a highly respected inpatient and outpatient treatment provider recognized for exceptional medical care, addiction treatment and recovery support services.

We treat substance use disorders using a holistic approach. Our physicians, clinicians and associated professionals understand substance use and its effect on the entire family. We offer personalized treatment plans for our patients and provide family education programs to guide loved ones through the treatment process. 

When looking for excellence in patient care, Glenbeigh is the answer. Our inpatient hospital and outpatient facilities are fully accredited by the Joint Commission, registered in the State of Ohio and certified by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. The Erie Outpatient Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

Glenbeigh is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and is recognized by Optum for achievements in clinical excellence. We have staff dedicated to working with patient's insurance or managed care networks. 

Encouraging your patient's to seek assistance from addiction treatment professionals is essential. Together, we can improve the lives of people affected by alcohol and drug addiction. 

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to refer a patient, contact Glenbeigh today for a confidential conversation with our admission specialists. 

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Help for Healthcare Providers

Substance use can affect anyone and healthcare providers are no exception. If you are seeking assistance for a colleague in the helping field, contact Glenbeigh's admission specialists to discuss how to get help for licensed professionals. We provide concentrated programming for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers designed to address their specific risk factors. See Glenbeigh's specialized services for more information on treatment for professionals. 

Glenbeigh is one of two facilities working with PHP to provide confidential care for physicians and other healthcare workers.