Deborah “Debby” Bissell, RN, CARN, a seasoned nurse with 41 years of experience, received Cleveland Clinic’s 2017 “Faces of Caring” award at a June recognition banquet. The award, presented by the Zielony Nursing Institute, recognizes specialized skills, dedication and compassion in the delivery of outstanding direct patient care within Cleveland Clinic’s Health System.

Bissell joined Glenbeigh’s nursing team in February 2000 and became certified in addiction care in 2010. She excels as a nurse, mentoring the next generation of caregivers through Glenbeigh’s clinical training programs for nursing students. Bissell provides education and insight on treating patients, as well as their family members, with dignity and respect. She exemplifies commitment to the nursing profession, to patients, to her colleagues at Glenbeigh and to the Northeast Ohio community.

Also honored was Estelle “Stellie” Spear, BSN, RN.  Spear’s enthusiasm to nurse patients back to health is inspiring and her motivation to help others is unending. Receiving her BSN from Ursuline College in 2010, she began her nursing career at Glenbeigh in 2011. In her first year as a clinical nurse she received the Zielony Institute “Rookie of the Year” award. Stellie's most recent honor was for “Excellence in Care Coordination”. This award is presented in recognition of outstanding clinical skills along with consistent teamwork, commitment and enthusiasm in daily work. Spear has made a difference in patient lives, the recovery community, and with her colleagues who appreciate her passion for nursing and compassion for patients.

The Zielony Nursing Institute excellence awards recognize the work of the finest clinical caregivers. This is the fifth consecutive year that Glenbeigh’s nursing staff has been recognized by Cleveland Clinic for providing superior nursing care that connects with the patient and their family.  “We are honored to have Stellie and Debby among Glenbeigh’s team of caregivers,” said Pat Weston-Hall, Glenbeigh Chief Executive Officer. “This award recognizes their outstanding nursing skills and their spirit of caring for others.”