Michael Habowski, President and CEO of ACMC Healthcare System, officially announced the appointment of Gary Seech as Glenbeigh’s new President. His appointment concludes a national search process that began in November 2020.

Seech's qualifications and expertise make him the ideal person to guide Glenbeigh through a significant period of change and grow it further as a continuously successful organization. Habowski said Seech demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities during his tenure as acting president and is an integral part of the healthcare system's leadership team. “His knowledge and leadership experience will continue to be a tremendous asset to Glenbeigh as we move confidently into the future,” wrote Habowski in his announcement.  

Seech’s appointment is a clear reflection of Glenbeigh’s forward momentum. Glenbeigh’s strengths are its resiliency, its long legacy of providing the highest level of care and its continual evolution as a provider of evidence-based addiction treatment. The number one priority remains providing the best care to patients and welcoming their loved ones to be part of the recovery journey. This philosophy, along with dedication to continued sober living and recovery support services, are what makes Glenbeigh unique.  

Seech has served in multiple roles within Glenbeigh in a career that spans over 20 years. He started as an administrator, responsible for daily operations, marketing, fiscal management and business development at Glenbeigh’s Rock Creek and Tampa facilities. He transitioned to Glenbeigh’s Cleveland facility then assumed a director’s role at Rock Creek. As the Regional Director of Operations, Seech was responsible for oversight of multiple outpatient centers as well as business operations and facilities management. Seech's appointment as President became effective April 14, 2021. Please join us in welcoming Gary Seech in his new position.