Glenbeigh is pleased to announce that Gary Seech, Glenbeigh’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, will be a keynote speaker at the first annual United for Recovery Virtual Conference, scheduled for August 9-13, 2021.

Seech is a regionally recognized speaker on topics related to addiction, treatment and recovery. He has an understanding of alcohol and drug trends, along with treatment, and is an advocate for long-term sober living. Seech was instrumental in establishing Glenbeigh’s premier sober living community and has over 35 years of experience working in the addiction and recovery field. Seech has helped connect families struggling with addiction to resources and treatment in communities throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia.  

Seech has presented to industry leaders in many fields, municipal agencies, healthcare systems and leading educational institutions across the region. At the August conference, he will speak on the topic of abstinence-based recovery and its relevance in 2021. He will provide a historical basis for abstinence-based recovery, provide an overview of addiction and the addicted brain as well as cover the benefits and relevance of abstinence-based recovery. Seech will be joining others with experience in the addiction treatment field as a keynote at this professional summit.

The WVAADAC organization is hosting this forum for leading minds in the addiction, treatment and recovery field so they can make strides toward a healthy future for all. This five-day virtual event will bring together individuals and organizations with unique backgrounds, experiences and personalities to provide education that will advance how communities address addiction and move people in recovery toward a viable future.

To learn more about the conference, other speakers, and how to register, reach out by email to or visit the website at