As part of Glenbeigh’s initiative to provide a full continuum of care for frontline workers, a specialty program for first responders is available for individuals with demanding jobs that often place them in life-threatening or traumatic situations. Heightened exposure to trauma results in more professionals attempting to cope by self-medicating with alcohol or other mood-altering drugs. Glenbeigh’s program places emergency service providers with Certified First Responder Counselors who are specially trained to understand the perspective and culture of first responders. Glenbeigh offers confidential care and can work with EAP’s to provide a seamless return to work plan. Since 1981, Glenbeigh has been treating adults with alcohol and drug addiction disorders and continues to set the standard for patient care, recovery support and education. Glenbeigh is offering this specialty treatment program so essential workers have the resources available to live a fulfilling life without mood altering substances. 

First Responder Brochure