In order to improve the patient experience, Glenbeigh developed a screening software program that tracks and monitors declining levels of drugs of use as well as detox medications. Once the patient screens at a standardized level, the software transitions the patient to a computer generated random urine screening schedule. “Typically, over 1,000 drug screens are completed monthly as part of Glenbeigh’s commitment to ensure patient safety,” said Donald Reed, Manager of Environmental Services and Counselor Aides. “We formed a committee and worked with the medical department to identify Glenbeigh’s specific testing needs.”  

The drug screen tracking program, created in cooperation with a local software developer, generates a daily list of screens and prints a slip notifying each patient of the time and location of their scheduled screening. It is integrated into the census report and captures all patients until time of discharge. If a screen is inconsistent with the anticipated results, the software program will send an alert to the appropriate staff members.

The software has helped Glenbeigh identify anomalies, address potential issues quickly and improve staff efficiency. Key features of the software are: accurate urine screen scheduling, monitoring and notification of inconsistencies, self-population using census data, creation of daily screening lists and patient notes, increase in productivity and accuracy. The use of the software has allowed staff to spend more quality time working with patients.