The ongoing mission of Glenbeigh is to provide premier treatment to people with substance use disorders. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that outpatient telehealth services are now available to all Ohio residents. The expansion of access to IOP and Continuing Care services through telehealth addresses the needs of individuals who have completed inpatient treatment and either have limited access to outpatient care or live outside the Northeast Ohio corridor. Telehealth is proven to be an effective treatment option, providing a transformative approach to care for those who cannot attend treatment in person. Glenbeigh's service aims to provide accessible, comprehensive, world-class support to patients.
Increased Accessibility: Telehealth eliminates the need for travel, enabling patients to have virtual assessments and outpatient treatment with an addiction specialist, therapist, or other licensed healthcare provider from the comfort of their homes. This convenience is crucial for individuals with limited mobility, those located in rural areas, or those living outside Northeast Ohio. 
Comprehensive Treatment Programs: Telehealth facilitates access to quality therapeutic modalities through group therapy and planned sessions to monitor patient progress, review treatment plans and manage discharge planning. Family sessions are also offered to help loved ones understand substance use disorders. Glenbeigh's treatment services are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by OhioMHAS.
By leveraging telehealth solutions, Glenbeigh delivers comprehensive, accessible and continuous care to individuals with substance use disorders, ultimately enhancing their chances of sustaining long-term recovery through effective treatment and support.
Contact Glenbeigh directly for information on or to schedule outpatient telehealth services, which are now available, enabling our nationally recognized care to be accessible in any Ohio community.
To inquire about telehealth services, simply call 330-492-2600.  Glenbeigh accepts Medicaid, private insurance and Medicare for assessments and outpatient services.