Nurses, due to high demand jobs, have unique challenges that require specialized treatment to address substance use issues. Glenbeigh created a Nurses Specialized Services program that provides safe, medically monitored treatment for all types of addictive, mood-altering substances. The Nurses specialty track is especially for Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses. Glenbeigh has extensive experience working with the Ohio Board of Nursing, as well as hospital EAP's, and advocates for the most appropriate level of care for our patients. Nurses can expect personalized, confidential, professional service. Nurses are paired with other licensed healthcare professionals and are offered specialized curriculum tailored to address their specific needs while focusing on their unique experiences and the recovery process. Glenbeigh also offers comprehensive, integrated discharge planning designed to provide a safe return to work plan and can work directly with the appropriate licensing boards to support and sustain the recovery process. For more information about Specialized Services for Nurses, call Glenbeigh today at 1-800-234-1001.