At Glenbeigh, our priority is transforming lives and restoring families. We believe everyone should be given a chance to build a new life in recovery. An important part of helping first responders struggling with addiction issues is understanding their perspective and providing them with personalized treatment. Glenbeigh established the Responding with Care Fund to help first responders and healthcare professionals learn about addiction, treatment and recovery. We offer specialized services that address the unique challenges faced by these professionals. By donating to this fund, your contribution will ensure treatment, education and recovery services are available to support the health and well-being of those who provide care and comfort to others.  

Anyone can donate any amount at any time. All gifts make a difference and are greatly appreciated. Please use the link below to make your online donation. 

Glenbeigh's development team is available to answer questions or assist with your donation. Please call Sheila at 330-652-6770. 

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Glenbeigh is a 501-(c)-3 non-profit hospital that treats individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Undesignated gifts will be directed to Glenbeigh's general Endowment Fund.